Norn by Linnemann

Norn is the first collection by new sustainable luxury lifestyle brand Linnemann. Norn is a timeless collection of one-size-fits-all gender-neutral apparel and accessories. Designed in Copenhagen, Denmark by textile designer Stine Linnemann and produced in partnership with sustainable and ethical production partners.

The collection was inspired by the wise Norn women in Nordic mythology, who spin the thread of life and the destiny of (wo)man. The collection consists of universal products in unisex and unisize designs, that highlights the fabric design and its qualities. The design of the textile was inspired by Stine Linnemann's first trip to Ethiopia in 2014, when she started working with our fairtrade certified production partner Sabahar. Fascinated by the softness and subtle irregularities of handspun thread they make, Stine designed a range of yarns by combining several strands of these handspun threads together, and weaving them in a carefully planned combination. The handmade quality of the textile means that not only is every single piece unique, but it is also extremely soft and warm compared to industrially produced cotton fabric.



Spinning yarn at Sabahar, 2016


The fabric is completely made by hand - from the ladies that spin the thread by hand to the men who handweave the fabric. We produce in partnership with World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) member Sabahar in Ethiopia. Once the fabric has been quality checked at our workshop, the Norn collection items are manufactured in Denmark in partnership with social enterprise Huset Venture in Ballerup, just outside Copenhagen. As a final touch, each piece is embroidered by hand with the Norn logo in partnership with the local integration project I Traad Med Verden. We're proud to offer our customers made in Denmark products made with fairtrade certified fabric.



The weavers at Sabahar, 2016


Finally each product is decorated with the Linnemann logo. The logo is designed as a bind rune, which is a combination of several nordic rune letters to create a powerful and magical symbol of protection. Bind runes were created in esoteric circles in the Middle Ages and were used for fortune telling. The Norn rune contains several signs that encapsulates our values at Linnemann, these include creating, joy and fellowship.


world fair trade organization WFTO


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