Production Partners

Meet the makers and production partners of Linnemann products


Sabahar is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They produce uniquely designed, hand made  cotton and silk textiles, manufactured exclusively from locally sourced natural fibers. 

Sabahar is a monitored member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and strives to create respectful, ethical and sustainable work opportunities for artisans in Ethiopia. 

Sabahar produces all Linnemann textiles for the Norn collection. 


Huset Venture Storkøbenhavn

Huset Venture Storkøbenhavn is a social enterprise based in Ballerup, just outside Copenhagen. Huset Venture was set up in 2008  to provide trainings and employment to people with reduced working capacity. Today, it employees more than 40 workers and it has created a new department called 'Gifts der Gavner', which develop only socially and environmentally sustainable products.

Huset Venture manufactures all the garments for the Norn collection. 


I Traad Med Verden

I Traad Med Verden is an association located in Ishøj, Denmark. It works with immigrant women who have been outside the labour market for a prolonged period of time and their mission is to establish creative communities and job opportunities for these women. 

I Traad Med Verden embroiders the Linnemann logo, in GOTS organic cotton, for all our Norn products. 


Madreperla S.p.A.

Madreperla is a family owned acrylic manufacturer company based in Italy. Founded in the 50s, Madreperla has strived for innovation through the years, becoming Italy's leading acrylic manufacturer and the only company producing 100% recycled acrylic.

Madreperla S.p.A. is the supplier of GreenCast 100% recycled acrylic for our Edda frames.