Artisan hand spinning cotton thread

Sustainability and social responsibility in the supply chain, is at the core of our practise at Linnemann. All our high quality products are made in Denmark in partnership with social enterprises and we use the best sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Linnemann operates as a straight-to-consumer business. By skipping wholesale, we can supply our customers with high quality items, without having to pay a fortune. The business model is to produce on a made-to-order basis, eliminating waste and ensuring our company does not tie up its assets in dead stock. We hope to eventually open our own shop, but for now you can arrange a visit to our showroom and workshop in Copenhagen by appointment. We are also happy to send out fabric samples, for the price of the shipping alone.

We have partnered up with several social enterprise workshops in Denmark, enabling us to have a close relationship with each workshop. All Linnemann products from our Norn collection are sown by Huset Venture in Ballerup, a company that offers work for tailors and other craftspeople that are no longer able to work full time. The handmade fabric is made in partnership with the fairtrade certified textile company Sabahar in Ethiopia. As a finishing touch, our rune-inspired logo is handembroidered by women from the social enterprise workshop I Traad Med Verden ("In thread with the world") in Ishøj, near Copenhagen. I Traad Med Verden started as a project to help marginalised immigrant women become a part the job market, and at Linnemann we hope to eventually be able to hire some of these talented women.